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Go Freely: New Liberty

Licenses are only for activities that would be illegal otherwise, correct?  

Do you have a right to "go" places?

Freely? Without seeking permission (license) from on high?

Or have you inadvertently accepted someone's idea to trade out your natural right for a licensed and heavily-regulated privilege...
and started paying fees for that license?

To "go freely" is a basic, fundamental part of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness".

Ever since the dawn of human history, men and women have been travelling (among many other normal expressions of being alive) without needing any camel licenses, donkey licenses, bicycle licenses, wagon licenses, horse licenses, contraption licenses.

Who would even have issuing authority?

Licenses always bring regulations and restrictions and fees, often in the name of safety...

as if any fellow man (or group of them) should be allowed to force you to be safe by their definitions.

They do this even if nobody can demonstrate any actual measurable safety improvement at all...

and even if sometimes the ones enforcing those rules actually harm people.  Is that acceptable to you?

Have you ever thought about it?

 Could it be that today, you and I would be totally within our natural rights to just hop into our automobile or other machine we own, and simply... go... freely?

Would you like to know what the law actually says about this?  
To know the truth and be set free?

But, the attorneys in traffic court say that to operate a motor vehicle on the public roadways is a privilege, and not a right. And there are court cases backing up that perspective. And yet there are other court cases that say people have an inherent and protected right to travel, using the roadways. Which is it?


The people, who own the public roadways, have a right to use the public roadways, and if the people own personal property such as a car or truck or similar conveyance, they have a right to use that, too.

Also, in addition to that, we the people (via our elected legislators) have established codes and regulations that will allow for corporations and other such fictional entities to use our roadways for their business purposes, even though these entities have no rights to use the people's roads. If a company wants to make money by their business of transportation, using the people's roads, then they must first agree to abide by all the terms of the license/permission, in order to have that privilege. These legitimate regulations and their legitimate enforcement are for the purpose of safety, not revenue.